How to Preview or Enable ShipperHQ in BigCommerce


When you initially install ShipperHQ from the BigCommerce App Store nothing will initially change in the shipping rates and options your customers see. This is because you’ll first need to get ShipperHQ set up according to what you need before you’ll want ShipperHQ to power your store. If you have ShipperHQ installed but not yet set up, you’ll want to get started with your ShipperHQ configuration first before enabling ShipperHQ. Once you’re ready to go follow the steps below.

Video Instructions


Shipping in the BigCommerce Dashboard
Shipping in the BigCommerce Dashboard

Steps – Enabling ShipperHQ

Step 1: Select Shipping from BigCommerce Settings

Click Shipping settings from the BigCommerce Dashboard as highlighted in red in the screenshot.

Step 2: Use Preview Advanced Shipping (test ShipperHQ, but don’t turn live)

By enabling Preview Advanced Shipping, the shipping rates and quotes generated by ShipperHQ at the cart/checkout can be previewed by store users logged into the control panel before enabling them live for your shoppers. You will only see those in the cart/checkout. This is useful for confirming your settings at ShipperHQ have been configured correctly before publicly surfacing them to your shoppers.

Preview can be enabled by checking the “Preview Advanced Rates” checkbox located in the Advanced Shipping Rules section of your shipping page in BigCommerce.

Your shoppers will not be impacted by this preview — they will continue to see the Default Shipping Rates previously configured. Once you are satisfied with the quotes being generated, you are ready to use ShipperHQ.

Step 3: Enable Advanced Shipping Rules (turn ShipperHQ live on your Store)

At the top of the Checkout Shipping Options section you’ll see a toggle switch. Here you can switch between “Default” which means that BigCommerce is powering your shipping quotes or “Advanced” which means quotes are being generated by ShipperHQ. When you flip this switch you’ll see a checkmark next to Advanced Shipping Rules.

Important Note

Switching to ShipperHQ doesn’t wipe out any of your BigCommerce default shipping rules so if you switch to ShipperHQ only to realize you had forgotten to set something up you can switch back to “Default” here and BigCommerce will pick up right where you left off while you make any changes needed to your ShipperHQ configuration. You can then just switch the flip back to “Advanced” once you’re ready to go again.