Enable Address Suggestion to Display Address Candidates for Magento 1


Address Validation in ShipperHQ includes the additional feature of showing address suggestions at checkout and in their account address book and allowing customers to choose an address candidate to correct their entered address. This is currently only supported on Magento 1 and only when using UPS for address validation. For similar address suggestion, we have Address Auto-Complete available for Magento 2.
Validating address


You will need to enable address validation in ShipperHQ to use the address suggestion feature

In Magento the Address Validation is available for…

  1. Address book:
    1. When a new address is added in the customer’s address book
    2. When an existing address is edited
  2. Checkout:
    1. When a new address is added within the checkout
    2. When a guest customer checks out

To configure these options,

  1. On the Features page, open the settings menu for the Address Validation Feature using the gear button
  2. Select UPS as the carrier you wish to use
  3. Set Validate Address Type to Yes to enable the feature.
  4. Select whether you wish to validate from the checkout and the address book
  5. Click Apply to save your configuration settings


Magento Workflow

  • If an address is valid, the customer moves through checkout or saving their address without any notification (silent). Status is saved as “EXACT_MATCH”
  • If an address is ambiguous, or has candidates, these are displayed
    • The customer can accept a candidate and this will replace the entered address, status is saved as “EXACT_MATCH”
    • The customer can override the candidates and save the address as entered, status is saved as “CUSTOMER_OVERRIDE”
  • If the address is invalid and no candidates can be found
    • The customer can edit the address and validation is performed again
    • The customer can continue with the entered address, the status is saved as “INVALID”
  • If an error occurs during validation, the status is saved as “ERROR” and this address will be validated the next time it is used
  • Once the order is placed, the validity of the address is displayed with the detailed shipping information on the order view.
  • The next time an address is used at checkout it will not be validated again