Don’t Allow UPS for Shipments to PO Boxes


While UPS will allow you to ship to PO Box addresses, they will charge you a fee and forward the package to a customer’s home address. This fee can be significant and should normally be avoided. In ShipperHQ, you can restrict UPS so that it’s not shown for shipments to PO Boxes.


This example assumes that you’ve already set up a UPS carrier in ShipperHQ.


  1. Click on Carrier Rules on the left-hand navbar
  2. Add a new Carrier Rule
  3. In the Overview panel, enter a name like “Hide UPS for PO Boxes”
  4. In the Applicable Shipping Methods panel, select all your UPS Shipping Methods
  5. In the Conditions panel, select the pre-defined “US POBox” Zone in the Apply to Zones field
  6. In the Actions panel in the Rule Action section, select “Hide Shipping Methods” as the Action to Perform
  7. On the Magento platforms, when a rule is set to “Hide Shipping Methods” you can also set an error message that displays when the rule is in effect:
    1. Check the “Show Error Message when this Rule Applies” box (see screenshot below for reference)
    2. Enter the error message you want to display.


With the above Carrier Rule in place, UPS will not be shown if the customer enters a PO Box in the US as their address.


If you don’t want to ship to PO Boxes at all, the configuration explained above will accomplish this for you.

You may want to offer USPS shipping but restrict this to only show for PO Boxes.