Address Type Selector Configuration


Address Type Selector lets customers specify if their delivery address is residential or commercial. It’s supported for all LTL Freight carriers as well as a number of live rate carriers, including UPS or FedEx. It’s currently only supported on Magento 1, Zoey and Magento 2 platforms.

You can select whether to show a residential/commercial address type selector for each carrier you have enabled.

Getting Started

Address Type Selector is one of ShipperHQ’s advanced features. In order use Address Type Selector you will need to activate the feature (see screenshot).

1.Click  “Features” on the left panel in ShipperHQ.

2. Toggle the “Address Selector” Advanced Feature to show ‘Enabled’ .

You will then need to enable the address type selector on each carrier you wish to offer this service

  1. Edit each carrier
  2. Under Additional Charges, Enable Residential/Business Selector if you want this to show for this carrier
  3. Select Destination Address type as the default address type



Additional Notes

Some carriers, like USPS, don’t charge different rates for Residential and Commercial addresses. In these cases, you won’t see this option on your Carrier configuration in ShipperHQ since it’s not relevant to rating.