Add a Surcharge for a Certain Region



Quite a common scenario we see is adding a surcharge when shipping to AK, HI, or even APOs, POBoxes. With ShipperHQ you can set up surcharges for shipments to specific areas.


To do this you need to do the following:

  1. Create a new zone for the areas where you want the surcharge to apply (in this case Alaska and Hawaii)
  2. Create a new Carrier Rule
  3. In the Applicable Shipping Methods panel, select the shipping methods you wish to surcharge (e.g. UPS Ground)
  4. In the Conditions panel set “Apply to Zone” to be the Zone you created in Step 1.
  5. In the Actions panel, set the Action to Perform to “Set/Surcharge Shipping Rates”, set Adapt Shipping Rates to “Surcharge Rates” and set the amount/percentage to surcharge in the Set/Modify Shipping Rate section
  6. Save your Carrier Rule


With the above set up, ShipperHQ will add the surcharge you’ve defined to the rate for the Shipping Method you selected when your customers are shipping to an address in the Zone you’ve defined.