1 day Max Time in Transit on Perishable Goods via UPS


You wish to only ship Perishable Goods via ground if they can be delivered in 1 day. Using UPS (this also applies to FedEx)


  1. Create UPS carrier
  2. Enable Show Estimated Time in Transit or Show Estimated Delivery Date on the UPS carrier (under Calendar Settings)
    Time in Transit
  3. Set the blackout days/dates on both origin and carrier
  4. Create a shipping group PERISHABLE
  5. Set the max time in transit to 1 day on the shipping group (under Advanced Options)
  6. Assign appropriate products to PERISHABLE shipping group

Now when you have perishables in the cart it will only show Ground if the goods can be dispatched to the destination and arrive within 1 day.

You may optionally change the rates provided by UPS with a Carrier rule.