Configuring UPS Canada Carrier


The UPS setup for Canada origins involves 3 parts:

  1. UPS Account Origin
  2. Weight Unit
  3. Shipping Methods
  4. Currency Conversion (Magento only)

UPS Account Origin

When you have a Origin in Canada and wish to use UPS you must ensure the UPS carrier has the origin of the shipment set to Canada.

UPS Canada Origin


Weight Unit

Choose your weight unit for Canada, what are your product weight units? This is also set in Account Settings->Global Features.

Shipping Methods

Select the Canadian Shipping Methods. Because of a nuance in UPS currently we map the following shipping methods in the dashboard to methods on the checkout:

  1. Next Day Air – > maps to Express
  2. Next Day Air Saver  -> maps to Express Saver
  3. 2nd Day Air  -> maps to Expedited
  4. Standard -> Standard

So for example if you select Next Day Air Saver as an allowed method on the carrier than in the checkout you will see Express Saver as a rate.

Note: Only the following 4 rates are shown for Canada.

UPS Canada Rates

Currency Conversion

On the Magento platform you must ensure you allow the currency Canada and setup the conversion rate else you will not see any shipping rates. We return rates in CAD and rely on the platform to convert to store currency.