Rate Display For Separate Origins/Shipping Group Rates

You may have configured some items to calculate shipping rates separately to other items. You can choose to display those rates separately in the checkout or as a single merged rate.

In ShipperHQ navigate to Origins and open Settings dialog.

  • To display rates separately, set ‘Show Merged Rate’ to No
  • If you wish to display rates a single shipping rate, set ‘Show Merged Rates’ to Yes. Ensure you have also configured merged rates on the Method Merging tab

If you’ve chosen separate display – rates are displayed separately on the Shipping Method step of the checkout. Once the customer has chosen a rate for each group of products, the chosen rates are merged into a single shipping rate on the final checkout review step.

You can change the name of this merged rate:

  • Go to Carriers tab and open the Settings dialog
  • On the Rate Shopping tab, enter the required title under Merged/Cheapest Shipping Method Title