Product based Shipping Group


On BigCommerce, you can have the option of assigning individual products into shipping groups within their product/SKU (Field)  just by adding the shipping group to the SKU without having to create an entire shipping group.  Sometimes this option is more convenient and quicker than having to create an entire shipping group within Big Commerce, it will apply or restrict certain carrier rules based upon how that defined group is set within ShipperHQ.


You have a product on Big Commerce with the SKU of I.E “SM1” and you want to assign that SKU to a Shipping group named I.E “LARGESIZE” within ShipperHQ without having to create a shipping group on Big Commerce by using the SKU based shipping group feature. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to ShipperHQ, define a shipping group if you haven’t – I will be using “LARGESSIZE” as the example here.
  2. Scroll down to the “Advanced Options” Panel within the Shipping group and check the “SKU Based Shipping Group”
  3. Make sure you check the “SKU Based Shipping Group” option.SHIPPING GROUP SKU
  4.  Navigate to Big Commerce, view a product that you want to add to the “LARGESIZE” shipping group.
  5. Go into Products >> View >> Click on any product and then scroll down to “Product code/SKU” field
  6. Add the Shipping group name” LARGESIZE” is the one I’m using here so it will be the example.  See the screenshot below.

Note: This is case sensitive so please make sure that the letters match the Shipping group alphabet upper/lower case within the shipping group on ShipperHQLARGE SIZE BC

Once the changes have been made, the SKU “SM1” is now attached to the “LARGESIZE” shipping group.