Origin – Advanced Features

For most ShipperHQ customers you can ignore these settings.

Applying all Products to All Origins

In Some scenarios merchants stock all their products in all warehouses.  Rather than having to assign every product to multiple warehouses within the eCommerce platform we allow you to set this up using a single checkbox in ShipperHQ.

  1. Open up the Website you want this to apply to in the ShipperHQ Dashboard
  2. Select the option to apply all products to all origins and save

Time in Transit

If you don’t see this tab in Origins and would like to use please enable under Account Settings->Features->Time in Transit.

If you are using any form of time in transit capabilities (estimated delivery date/time or a calendar) then its necessary to set up the date based information.

ShipperHQ asks for details on:

  • Blackout production days/dates – e.g. when is your factory not producing the goods. This could be set to 0 if you can ship items straight away. A great example is a picture framer who needs 5 days to produce the picture from time of order
  • Blackout shipment days/dates – when can the goods be picked up for delivery
  • Cut-off time – Whats the cut-off time for this origin to be able to ship goods. Only relevant if shipping on the same day

Applicable Destination

If you have multi-origins, e.g. multiple warehouses or are dropshipping then you can optionally specify for which zone an origin should be used. One of the ways that is configured in the origin settings is to set an origin to apply for a particular zone. For instance you could have a Canadian Origin that applies just to CAN addresses and then another origin for US addresses.

In most cases you do not need to select applicable destinations.

Note: If you do not see this tab check the Origin Settings to ensure its enabled.

Applicable Carrier Methods

It is possible at an origin level to restrict the shipping methods a carrier offers. For example you may have an origin for NY and CA that both use UPS. But CA may only ship UPS Ground, whereas NY may ship Ground and Next Day.

Origin Settings

Advanced Settings

The Settings window (Settings button the Origins page in ShipperHQ) allows you to change how Origins are shown in ShipperHQ, what features you want to use, and set any rules around Dropshipping. A number of options are available including:

  • Changing the name of origins to terminology you use internally. E.g. using “Warehouse” instead of “Origin”
  • Choosing whether to merge shipping rates together (show a single list of rates) or split rates out to show a different set of rates for each shipment from each Origin (available on some eCommerce platforms). You can also control how split shipments are displayed.
  • Change the way ShipperHQ chooses which origin to use when multiple origins are available for the products in the order. The Origin Packing Algorithm field on the Features tab allows you to tell ShipperHQ whether to ship everything from the closest origin to the customer or ship in as few shipments as possible.

Inventory and Stock for Origins

If you are using a stock or inventory management system, you can submit stock levels for each origin (and pickup location) to ShipperHQ when you request shipping rates. This will be used to choose the available origins or pickup locations when calculating shipping rates. (Please note this only available for Magento 2 platform customers).

To use this feature, we have a plugin available (0n request) that can be easily modified for your inventory system. For example, some merchants have advanced inventory systems or simply manage stock through custom attributes. In all cases, you will modify the plugin to extract the stock level from your inventory system for each origin, warehouse or location. ShipperHQ will do the rest.