Setup Multi-Origin/Dropshipping


This document will explain how you can get started with setting up ShipperHQ when using the Multi-origin & Dropshipping feature. You should use this feature if you have multiple warehouses, use third party fulfillment centers or dropship centers. The feature is only available for those on Standard plan and higher.

How it works in ShipperHQ

  1. In ShipperHQ you have the option to determine whether you want your orders to deliver from:

• Fewest number of origins

• The origin nearest to customer

• Origins based on Zone restrictions

  1. ShipperHQ takes this information and makes the decision on which origin to use.
  2. If products are being shipped from different origins, ShipperHQ Calculates rates for each shipment separately.
  3. ShipperHQ then makes the decision on what should be displayed at checkout based on the option you have selected for split or merged rating.

Different shipping options, carriers and rules may be used for each shipment within the single order. So keep in mind how you want this to be displayed when choosing between split and merged rating.

Origin Configuration

  1. Start by turning on the Multi-Origin and Dropshipping feature by going to Account Settings > Features > Select Multi-Origin and Dropshipping > Save.
  2. In order to use feature you need to setup Google Map API Keys
  3. Create your origins
  4. Now you can determine whether you want to use Restrict Destination, Fewest Origins, Origin Nearest to Customer and/or Merged rates

Restrict Destination

A common scenario for using Restrict Destinations is if you have warehoused in two different countries (let’s use Canada and the US for this example) and you have the Nearest Warehouse turned on. You may want to restrict a customer in the US who is closest to your Canada warehouse from getting a shipment from across the border. By restricting the Canada warehouse from shipping to an address in the US, you will ensure all US customers get shipments from your US warehouse only.


  1. Turn on Restrict Destination
    1. Go to origins
    2. Select Settings
    3. Go to the features tab and switch “Restrict Origins based on Destinations” to Yes
    4. Select Apply
  2. Edit your Origin
  3. In the “Restrict Destinations” section set “Restrict to Zones” to the zones you want the origin to ship to.
  4. Save Origin

Shipping Orders from Fewest Origins

If you have multiple products coming from one warehouse but one of the products are also available at a warehouse closer to the customer, the order will only use the warehouse that houses multiple products.


  1. Go to Origins
  2. Select Settings
  3. Go to the Features tab and switch Origin Packing Algorithm to “Fewest Warehouses”
  4. Select Apply

Shipping Items from Nearest Origin

You will use this option if you have multiple warehouses and what to ship items from the nearest origin even if a further warehouse has more than one of the items.


  1. Go to Origins
  2. Select Settings
  3. Go to the Features tab and switch Origin Packing Algorithm to “Nearest Warehouse”
  4. Select Apply

Method Merging

You can show merged rates whether you have your origins set to ship from Nearest Warehouse or Fewest Warehouses. With method merging you can choose which methods you want to combine at checkout and define how you want the combined carriers to display to the customer:

For example: If one order combines a shipment that will use UPS and another that will use FedEx you can choose to combine UPS Ground and FedEx Ground and call this method Ground shipping, or UPS 2 Day and FedEx 2nd Day and call this method 2nd Day Shipping, etc.
If you want to show merged rates and your products are shipped with the same carrier you won’t need to set this up as they will already be shown using the carrier name.