Method Merging Configuration


If you are using multiple origins and do not use the same carrier each time for every product, or have products with non-matching shipping options, you can run into an issue where your shipping for all products in an order don’t overlap and won’t generate a rate. Method Merging will help you to simplify your checkout so that you can combine these rates and shipping methods into one list.

For example, if you have one product that only ships through UPS and another item that only ships freight the products will not get a rate and you will see an error message at checkout or cart. If you want to combine these options together and show one set of options to the customer you will need to this up using Method Merging.

How to set up Method Merging

  1. Create Carriers
  2. Make sure you have the shipping methods selected under each carrier that you want ShipperHQ to compare
  3. Go to Method Merging tab, found under the Carrier tab
  4. Select add new
  5. Enter the Shipping Method Title – this is what will be displayed in checkout as the shipping method
  6. Enter a Method Code

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 15.12.44

  1. Select one shipping method under two or more of the Carriers under Live Shipping Methods or Custom Shipping Methods

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 15.13.00

  1. Select Save

Rate Shopping

Method Merging will also allow you to rate shop between shipping methods for the carriers you have set up in ShipperHQ. It takes the shipping method from one or more carrier and compares it to another to find the cheapest rate and will then only display that rate at checkout. You can create a name for this method which will display instead of the actual shipping method name from the carrier.

To enable Rate Shopping you will follow the steps from above but will also need to turn on Rate Shopping in your settings.

  1. Turn on Rate Shopping: Go to Account Settings > Features > Select Rate Shopping & Shipping Option Management > Update
  2. Go to Carriers tab > Settings
  3. Select Rate Shopping and select Yes under Shop for Cheapest Rate
  4. Enter the desired Shipping Method Title and select Apply


You have now set up Method merging to combine rates for orders that include products that only ship from different shipping methods. You also know now how to use Method Merging to set up rate shop between live and/or custom rate shipping methods. This will allow you to offer the lowest rates possible for the carriers you have set up every time.