How to Set up USPS with Credentials


When setting up your USPS carrier in ShipperHQ, you’ll need certain credentials that will allow ShipperHQ to connect to the USPS servers and obtain a rate quote. Follow these directions to obtain the necessary credentials.

Create a USPS Carrier in ShipperHQ

  1. Click on Carriers in the left-hand navbar
  2. Click the Add New button to add a new carrier
  3. Enter the name you want to use for the carrier in the Carrier Name field (e.g. “USPS”)
  4. Select “Small Package” from the Carrier Type select
  5. Select “USPS” from the Carrier select
  6. Click Create Carrier

Obtaining Your Credentials

USPS Web Tools API Page
USPS Web Tools API Page
  1. Go to the USPS Web Tools API page and click “Register Now”.
  2. Fill out the “Registration for USPS Web Tools” form.
  3. You’ll receive the “Confirmation” and, within a few minutes, an email with your USPS Username and Password.
  4. In ShipperHQ, under your USPS carrier in the “Account Settings”, enter the credentials emailed to you by USPS.
Note For more information on configuring your USPS carrier, see our Carrier Configuration article.

Adding Credentials to your USPS Carrier

  1. Go to the carriers page in the ShipperHQ dashboard
  2. Since you have already created the carrier, you will now need to edit it
  3. Go to the Account Settings section
  4. Enter USPS Webtools UserName and Password (both provided by USPS)
  5. “Validate Credentials against Carrier” should be checked.
  6. Select the Rate Type you want to use
  7. USPS Credentials