How to Set up DHL with Credentials


We will be going through the steps to set up DHL within ShipperHQ

Please be sure you have the following information from DHL before we get started:
-Site ID

-Account Number (9-Digit Number)

In order to get these credentials from DHL if you don’t already have them, you’ll need fill out and send your DHL contact the DHL New User Request form.

Creating and Your DHL Carrier

To create a carrier click “Add New” on the Carriers page.

If you do not see this button its possible you have exceeded the maximum allowed carriers for your plan

1. Type DHL for the Carrier Name (You can use any name you want to identify this DHL carrier with)

2. Carrier type: Small Package

3. Carrier: DHL©

Basic Configuration

It’s important to realize that just because their are options you do not need to use all of them. We advise the following options are important to look at:

  • Attached Origins – Its important a carrier belongs to at least 1 origin if you want rates to show for it
  • Account Settings– Since this DHL carrier will be returning live rates, you must set up the account details else it cannot connect. We do not provide accounts for you, all rates are dependent on your account with DHL.
    From the picture above, you will see that in this area is where you will need to enter Site ID, password and Payor Account number.(Note: Don’t forget to select Payor country dropdown for whichever country you have this DHL carrier set up)
  • From Here any other tab’s will be considered as more advanced configuration and not needed initially unless you require more advanced configuration.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.24.06 PMAfter your Account Settings have been entered, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

*Note: You may see a message that states it did not validate. For DHL only, you can ignore this and try testing to see if DHL is returning rates*

Once you see rates returned for products associated with the DHL carrier then you have completed the DHL basic configuration.