How to do a bulk import/export of ShipperHQ attributes on Shopify


This a quick guide on how to apply the ShipperHQ attributes  to your Shopify store. Please note, you are able to update ShipperHQ metadata fields on a per product level. To do a bulk import/export of these metadata attributes will require a 3rd party app that is designed to handle the bulk import/export of the data. This is generally a feature supported by the eCommerce platform; in this case another app must be used to update in bulk. Below I will feature how to use the Metafields2 app from sineLABS.

REMINDER ShipperHQ is using Shopify best practice by using Metadata fields. ShipperHQ is not an export/import app so this would have to be done either individually or by using your favorite Bulk import/export tool.


There are 3 types of attributes that are defined in ShipperHQ that can be assigned at a product level in Shopify:

  1. Shipping Groups
  2. Origins
  3. Dimensional Rule Groups

For example you may wish to assign products to a shipping group BIKE so you can set up a shipping rule on it. Then in Shopify you will assign all products that are bikes to the group BIKE so when they are in the cart the rules will apply to them.


  • You’ll first want to download Metafields2 app from the Shopify App store. (If you need help with the download or configuring of the Metafields2 App, you’ll need to contact for help).
  • After download, you’ll want to go to Shopify–>Products–>More Actions–>Metafields2 App.
  • If you’ve already added some ShipperHQ Attributes to your products you can go to Metafields App–>Export Metafields–>New Export Job for ‘Products’–>click, Start Export Job. Once this has been done, you’ll have a CSV table of your attributes for products. You can then enter the Shipping Groups, Origins or Dimensional Rule Groups quicker and easier.
  • If you do not have any attributes on the products yet, you can export the metafields; and add the following below.
ShipperHQ Metafields
Namespace Key Type Value
global SHIPPING_GROUPS string Shipping Group Name
global ORIGINS string Origin name
global DIMENSIONAL_GROUPS string Dimensional Rules Name


Once you’ve followed the steps above; you will be able to bulk import/export the ShipperHQ metadata fields on your products. There are multiple other programs that also allow you to bulk update metadata in Shopify; so if you’re already using one feel free to keep using them.