FedEx Air Freight


This document will outline how you can obtain your FedEx Air Freight Credentials required for ShipperHQ to pull the live rates associated with your FedEx Account.

FedEx Air Freight is a different service to FedEx LTL. It’s used to ship items over 150lbs or that exceed 70″ in height or 119″ in length or 80″ in width both internationally and domestic.

The methods are FedEx International Priority Freight, FedEx International Economy Freight or FedEx 1, 2 or 3 Day Freight and FedEx First Freight for domestic shipments.

Create a FedEx Carrier

The steps to create this type of carrier are the same as the steps to a FedEx small package carrier. Please click the link above to view the steps.

Configure FedEx Carrier for Air Freight

In the package settings of the new FedEx carrier, ensure you set the Maximum Per Package Weight to be at least 151lbs, in reality you will probably want to set it much higher than this. FedEx Air Freight will allow this value to be up to and including 2200lbs.

If any of your freight boxes are over 60 inches in any measurement, you will need to set the oversize Oversize Length Threshold to something higher than the it’s default of 60″

You will also need to ensure you select the relevant freight methods listed above.